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Performing with people

Corbin performs with people -not at people. His magic is very interactive, and more then that it's engaging. Audiences are active participants rather then spectators viewing a show. Corbin strives to connect with everyone and thats important. That's what makes his performances different and that's what will bring crowds over to watch.


Corbin is Amazing! he's an award winning magician, historian, actor and entertainer who has been performing for audiences all over the world for well over 25 years. His incredible slight of hand and energizing energy will add magic to any special event.

Teamwork is the KEY!

Corbin works hand in hand with you and your team.

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Custom designed presentations to share your message

Every performance is customized to be perfect for your show. Before the big event Corbin will discuss with you and your team the messages you wish to convey and he will work hard with your team to ensure that message gets out! Presentations custom designed to grab attention and get your message out there!

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