Booking trade show magicians

Booking trade show magicians is an easy process. There are a few things you should keep in mind however. As a result, your experience can be improved. Asking the right questions will ensure a great show every time. And answering a few questions will make it your best trade show yet!

Tips for Booking trade show magicians

When booking trade show magicians there are a few things to consider. What is your goal? By that, I mean what is the goal of your company at the conference or trade show. Trade show magicians can help to accomplish that goal, but only if it is a clear goal. Over the years I have performed for many companies that just take part in trade shows because that’s what they always do. Year after year the only goal for many is to maintain a presence. While that is often a good thing, it only requires a sign. (not even a booth is needed to maintain a presence!) As a result trade show magicians may not be the best form of promotion.

Increase leads at trade shows

A trade show magician can help increase leads at the trade show. They can bring in guests to your booth. Other goals could be increasing awareness of the company or its products. In April I will be performing at the Toronto Convention Center for a company who’s goal is to clear up confusion over their product and a similarly named competitor. Trade show magicians can easily present the features and benefits of a companies product during their presentations. speaking to passing trade show attendees, even those who do not stop at the booth will get a clear presentation.

Increase sales at trade shows

Booking Trade show magicians can help increase sales at trade shows. A magician attracts crowds of people to your booth. With a magic presentation and a speech that talks about your companies products or services. At the end of the presentation interested parties are directed to your sales staff. As a result your sales increase. How often have your sales staff just sat in their exhibit space waiting for people to stop as they walk by. Many people pass exhibit booths without even looking. A trade show magician can hook those passing by. Bring them too the booth and increase their awareness of the company. That way many more people stop at your booth. At the end of the presentation the magician introduces the sales staff to the clients. Now a connection has been made and a sale is much easier.

Asking and answering the right questions

Any professional trade show magician will ask a lot of questions. When booking a presentation for your event it should be a perfect fit. So many magician only bring their standard show to your event with no customization at all. As a result their show doesn’t fit and does not benefit your company. What good is a bunch of magic tricks if they don’t educate the spectators as well? Corbin, the trade show magician uses magic to attract, however the magic fits the company, often uses the companies products and during the performance Corbin speaks about the company. This is why questions are asked, it helps to customize your presentation. What are your goals, what is your companies theme, what sort of presentation are you looking for?

Custom presentations designed to look great, educate and attract crowds

Corbin the trade show magician performs custom presentations. As no two companies are alike, no two shows are the same. Do you wish to present a modern look? a charming presentation? Show off the personal approach? Corbin the trade show magician performs in a business suit and tie, or a formal vintage cut suit, a tuxedo or t-shirt and jeans. His look changes depending on the theme of the event and exhibit booth. Sometimes it can take over a month to design the magic and performance to suit.

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Booking trade show magicians