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I am The Amazing Corbin, and I provide incredible entertainment at the Las Vegas Convention Center. During trade shows, conventions,…

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Strolling magic at your trade show event

I am Corbin, the Trade show magician and I can provide incredible strolling magic at your trade show event. I…

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Event Planning Tips and Tricks

I am Corbin, the Trade show magician. I have performed all over North America for well over 25 years. As…

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Las Vegas Magician reveals secrets

Las Vegas Magician Reveals Secrets is not something you hear very often. Most magicians like to keep their secrets. In…

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lots of leads at Waste Expo 2018

This spring I had the pleasure of performing in Las Vegas and bringing in lots of leads at Waste Expo.…

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Experienced and knowledgable Let your trade show magician be your guide

After many years of traveling across North America, there is a very good chance I’ve performed trade show magic at…

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