Charming Cheat

Hello, I am Corbin the trade show magician and Charming Cheat. I provide incredible magic and mentalism shows and trade show performances at events all over North America. Large shows or small close up performances. As a result I can provide great entertainment at almost any event.

Charming Cheat conjuring

I have been performing for well over 25 years. Both large illusion shows and smaller close up performances. During these Charming Cheat performances, I entertain with a victorian theme. No iPads, or computers but conjuring the way it used to be. With an emphasis on audience involvement. I also cheat (A lot!) which makes for a fun show. My presentations last about 45 minutes when I perform these shows. I involve my audience, and get volunteers up on stage with me. Charming my guests and cheating the whole time. It’s a fun show. The Charming Cheat show is perfect for any special occasion.

Creative close up magic

I have been performing close up magic at events for many years. As a result, my skill with sleight of hand is incredible. However it’s not just about the magic. During every performance my style charms the audience. With family friendly humor and witty observations. I perform with a variety of items. Not just a deck of cards, but rings, strings, coins and every day objects. Most of the props I utilize during my close up performances are borrowed from my spectators. How often have you watched a magician bring out a tricky box and thought you could do the trick yourself if you had that box? Not with Corbin, the charming cheat. He will cheat you, charm you and leave you scratching your head!

A busy performer in demand with limited availability

I book shows throughout the year and beyond. As a result, my availability is very limited. It’s always best to contact me as soon as you know the date of your event. Also, most of my performances are customized. The sooner you book, the better fit for your event I can make my show. Booking is easy and I always bring just about everything I need for a great show every time. I look forward to discussing your event.

Add a bit of Charming cheat magic to your event. Book Corbin now 1-855-626-7246

The Charming Cheat performing close up magic

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