Corporate Event Magician

lumigan eye drops buy online Corbin is a Corporate Event Magician. The Amazing Corbin can help add an atmosphere of magic at your event. When he presents his illusions, your guests will see that your company can make what was thought impossible possible. As a result, you will show your company values unique solutions.

Corporate Event Magician

Having the incredible Corbin perform his BIG SHOW at your event, trade show or banquet, is an excellent shared experience for your guests. As a result, they have an ice breaker. Do you have a gathering of people from different branches or businesses that don’t know each other very well? Having them all join together to watch an incredible magic show will break the ice and give them a shared experience. That show will allow them to interact and get the conversations going. Once that happens you will be amazed how well strangers will work together and become productive. A magic show is an engaging experience.

Highly Trained Professional

Corbin is a highly trained professional Corporate Event Magician. He has been performing all over North America for more than 25 years. As a result, he is very skilled and experienced. His shows are interactive, magical and fun. Each presentation is customized to be perfect for your group and the performance area. As a result, Corbin provides everything required for a great show each time. This includes his microphones, speakers, sound system and other equipment. This means that you don’t have to provide or rent anything. Corbin comes complete!

The Charming Cheat

Therefore, You can find lots of information on Corbin’s incredible shows on his website Therefore the site is full of pictures, videos and more information. When Corbin performs he often wears a vintage cut red suit. It’s a formal look for your special event. However if the theme deems it not in style Corbin has a variety of other performance looks he can provide to entertain your guests. Therefore whatever your event may be, Corbin can fit right in.

Each show is customized and is often approximately 45min. in length. Shows are interactive and fun. There is only one Corbin. Therefore availability is very limited. It is best to contact a year in advance to ensure availability. Call today or visit the website and send an email

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