Energetic Presentations

I am Corbin the Trade show magician and my Energetic presentations will grab peoples attention at your next trade show and bring them to your booth. My award winning close up magic and articulate speech will draw a crowd. As a result, that crowd will notice your booth and be informed about your company while being entertained. Just like Magic, your leads will increase and you will have the best show ever with Corbin, the Trade show magician.

Energetic presentations at trade shows

Energetic and Engaging presentations that attract crowds

I have been performing incredible magic and illusions all over North America for the past 25 years. As a result, I have become incredibly skilled at entertaining all kinds of audiences and entertaining them. What makes my presentations different from other magicians is my ability to sell a product, idea or inform an audience about a business.

The Magic is incredible, however while the group is watching the magic my eloquent speech is telling them about the company. I draw parallels between the magic and the company to emphasize ideas and concepts. Does your company have lots of competition? A shell game where the spectators have to find the shell hiding your quality business while avoiding the other shells. Perhaps a card trick that shows a new service that has been offered. There are lots of magical presentations that can inform trade show attendees while entertaining them.

Entertaining and informative

After an entertaining and energetic presentations I turn the audience over to your qualified sales staff to answer any questions they may have. How many times have you watched your sales staff sit in your booth just waiting for people to approach them? I bring an audience to them and inform the group. Therefore, breaking the ice figuratively allowing them to begin an informative discussion. Often I will work with your sales staff allowing them to take part in a magic trick. Requiring the audience to visit them and reveal a chosen card or idea. Working together to increase leads and reach as many people as possible.

Trade Shows and Convention centres across North America

I have performed across North America at many different Trade shows and Convention Centres. This experience allows me to assist in many ways. I look forward to discussing your show with you very soon. Every presentation is customized to be perfect for your show and your business. Whether your show is at the Orange County convention center or the New York Javits center you can be sure of a great energetic presentation.

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engaging and energetic presentations