Entertaining speaker and a lecturer

I am Corbin the Trade show magician and I am a very entertaining speaker and lecturer. Helping to add some entertainment and interesting lectures to your convention event. I am an actor, comedian, speaker, lecturer and a magician. As a result, my presentations are fun, and engaging. Add some magic to your trade show or convention event with Corbin!

An Entertaining Speaker and an interesting lecturer

For well over the past 25 years I have been performing, speaking and teaching at events all over North America. I am a professional full time performer and provide a variety of entertainments. As a result, I have become quite adept at holding an audience’s attention. As a magician, speaker, M.C. or comedian I can add a bit of magic to just about any gathering. Every performance is customized to be perfect to your event. However, all of my presentations are family friendly and fun. Therefore, anyone of any age could be in the audience.

An interesting and entertaining speaker

I have spoken at all kinds of events over a wide range of subjects. Professionally I am a magician and a historian with a love of the 19th century. As a result I have a deep well of knowledge on both subjects for which I could talk. However, I am able to research and speak on just about any subject. I can even recite a prepared speech to your group. In the past I’ve delivered speeches on Medicines, company reports, Advancements in technology and more. All subjects that I had little knowledge of beforehand. A speech that no one in the company wishes to provide? Send it my way and I’ll be able to present it to your group in a powerful, engaging and entertaining speaker way.

A Master of Ceremonies that energizes and entertains

I am often called upon to host events and provide M.C. duties. As an M.C. the requirements of introducing each presenter and energizing the crowd is often a daunting task. My background as a magician allows me to work with the crowd and add a bit of magic to the event. During a recent presentation at the New York convention Center I hosted a 4 hour event. Instead of loosing the group during this long night, they were always looking forward to my next introduction. I introduced each speaker with a bit of magic that caused the audience to pay close attention. At the end of the evening the president of the company participated in an illusion. This ensured that almost everyone stayed for the end. A Magical M.C. will make for a memorable night. As a result people will remember the event long afterwards.

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an entertaining speaker