Las Vegas Convention Center Entertainment

unisom buy online I am The Amazing Corbin, and I provide incredible entertainment at the Las Vegas Convention Center. During trade shows, conventions, weddings or any event, my performances are a perfect fit. Incredibly entertaining, always family friendly and fun. As a result my shows are great for mixed audience. I am one of the top magicians in North America and I would love to add a bit of Magic to your event.

Las Vegas Convention Center Magic show

At Trade shows and conventions my magic shows become a popular draw. a trade show attraction that brings people to your exhibit booth. During Conventions the scheduling of a show creates an excitement and buzz that is hard to beat. Much more interactive and fun then just another band. As a result, my performances are remembered for a long time after the event. Guests may not remember (or care) who the band was last year, however they will always remember how they felt when they witnessed the impossible performed by the Amazing Corbin

I Travel all over North America. At the Las Vegas Convention center, Chicago’s McCormick place, The Toronto Metro center or anywhere your event happens to be. Very little is required for a performance. Much less then even the simplest Band Set up. Therefore hiring a top magician for your event is an easy choice.

A big show, or attracting a trade show crowd

I can perform a big show at your event. A magic show that is interactive and fun. Also during the trade show I can bring guests to your booth, by performing some incredible close up magic. Either way you can be certain of an incredible performance.

I customize every show to be perfect for the event, theme and company. As a result your company shines. Often your companies product, or message can be incorporated into the presentation. Therefore any message you wish to pass on to the audience about your product will be remembered for a long time. Customization is done in the time before the event. Therefore early booking is strongly recommended. The sooner the event has been confirmed the better the show can be customized to suit.

A great show every time

I provide just about everything to ensure a great show every time. All that is needed is the audience. For a large show with more then 50 in attendance a headset microphone and sound system is required. Please contact me if you have any questions at all. Booking the Amazing Corbin is a sure fire way of putting a smile on everyones face.

Book Corbin today 1-855-626-7246

Corbin the magician performing at the Las Vegas Convention Center