Preparing trade show exhibits

I am Corbin the trade show magician and this week I am Preparing trade show exhibits. Next month I will be traveling to a few different trade shows and they all have specific requirements. Because each trade show is unique, I customize each performance. As a result my performance become the perfect solution to attract potential prospects to your exhibit space.

Preparing Trade show exhibits for your company

Preparing my performance for your trade show takes a bit of time. As a result, it is always a good idea to contact me and book your exhibit as soon as you can. The more time I have to customize the event, the better the fit. I work hard to ensure that your companies goals are achieved. It is my goal to make your next trade show the most successful one you have participated in. Attracting more people to your booth and educating them about your product or service before they speak to your sales staff. This will help increase the efficiency of your staff. Allowing them to discuss the important points with an educated audience. It’s almost like a prescreening

Customizing my presentation

Customization of my presentation at your trade show exhibit takes a lot of my attention. The look of my outfit, the tricks I perform and what I say are all carefully considered. As a result, I fit right in to your exhibit’s theme and look. Preparing trade show exhibits entertainment is very important. You would not benefit from a generic magician performing the same show he does for all his audiences. Just like no two people are alike, no two businesses are. Therefore none of my performances are the same.

My outfit changes to suit your exhibit (pun intended) A modern look, a charming vintage appearance, or something completely different. I can even perform in the same outfit your sales staff is wearing making me look like part of the team. However you see it, it will be.

The incredible Magic

I have been performing all over North America for well over 25 years. As a result I have become incredibly skilled in entertaining an audience. My sleight of hand is incredible as well. The Magic I perform is customized to suite your event and business. I often use your business cards in the presentations as well as your companies products if I can. Before the show we work together to discuss what will work well. Magic that helps explain concepts that you would like to promote is used. Quality, service, personal touch – all can be emphasized with magical effects. As a result, we get the message across. The magic also helps draw people to your exhibit booth.

Polished patter

My patter is what I say when presenting the magic at your booth. Preparing trade show exhibits requires careful script writing. However, the script is specific to your business goals. Using your companies slogan, or keywords. I draw people in, tell them about your exhibit and educate them on your products. It’s a custom approach that works well

Send them to your sales staff

After a trade show performance ends, I send the audience to your sales staff. As a magician, I know the best time to work is when there is already an audience present. During events when there are more then one presenter, I know to “hit the stage” as fast as I can after the act before me ends. You do not want to give the audience a chance to walk away. During my trade show performances, I do the hard work of gaining an audience. After my show I don’t want to give them a chance to walk away. Therefore one of my last tricks, often require they go to your sales staff. Think of a card, I say then go to the sales staff and they will reveal it to you! Ask a member of the sales staff to show you a trick that will blow you away! As a result, my finish is not the “shows finish” I’m only act one. The audience will go to your sales staff for the finale to the show. Then your sales staff has an easy in to discuss with them your business.

A custom approach that increases your trade show leads

Preparing trade show exhibits is hard work, but it pays off. With Corbin the trade show magician you will attract leads like never before. You will meet more potential prospects and increase the efficiency of your sales team. As a result, your next trade show will be the most successful ever. Contact Corbin today to discuss your event!

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preparing trade show exhibits