Professional entertainment that draws attention

For the best Professional entertainment that draws attention you want an experienced entertainer. I am Corbin the trade show magician and I have been performing at Trade shows all over North America for over 25 years. As a result, I am an experienced entertainer. I have become quite skilled at entertaining large groups, drawing them close and holding their attention. During which time I educate them about your company. For experienced, professional entertainment that educates the crowd you need me.

Professional entertainment that educates

My presentations bring potential prospects close to your booth and holds them there. No longer will you sit in your booth and watch people walk past. I draw them close, hold them while the crowd gathers, then I entertain them with mind bending magic and illusions. As a result they are transfixed. Therefore they stay and watch as I talk about your company and it’s benefits. Professional entertainment that educates, and entertains.

Part of your team effort

My professional entertainment is part of your team effort. I can help increase leads and make your sales staff way more efficient. How often have you engaged a person, wasting time describing the basics of your company only to see them walk away? During my presentations I clearly explain your company and it’s benefits. Then your sales staff can speak directly to the people interested. They get to discuss the important details. Not the basics. Spectators are educated. As a result, everything becomes a lot easier.

Taking the spotlight to draw them in, then stepping back

I perform my magic most often at the top of every hour or when a large crowd gathers. I spend 15-20minutes entertaining, amazing and educating the group. After which I step back and allow the guests to interact with your trade show exhibit and speak with your staff. There is no benefit to me constantly performing. In fact, that would take away from your booth. The spectators need time to look over your company and speak with your staff. This is a team approach and key to my professional entertainment.

Working together with your team

Often at the end of my performance I will provide the spectators with a reason to talk with your staff. Already performing incredible magic to break the ice and ease the tensions. At the end of my show I will often have the spectators mearly think of something. A card or a number or an abstract item. Then I’ll send them inside your booth to have the thought of item revealed by your sales staff. Imagine that, your team revealing the thoughts of the potential prospects. This is a great way to start an interaction between you and the guests. As a result I work well with your team.

A custom approach

Everything is customized with my professional entertainment to be perfect for your trade show exhibit. My costume, appearance, and props are all designed beforehand to fit in perfectly. Would you like a modern look, a vintage look? formal or traditional. Perhaps a street magic look to give your company a hip modern feeling. I am one of the few professional entertainment s that can do this. You spent a lot of time and money making your trade show exhibit look the way you want. Wouldn’t you like the entertainment you hire to fit in as well?

Book now, book early

Availability is very limited, early booking is strongly recommended. Due to the nature of customizing my performance to suit your event. The earlier you book the better your professional entertainment will fit your trade show exhibit.

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