Promoting Trade show exhibits

I am Corbin the Trade show magician and I can help you promoting trade show exhibits. I have been performing at Trade shows all over North America for well over 25 years. As a result, I have become highly skilled and experienced at attracting crowds and entertaining them. And while I am entertaining them I am also promoting your business. My magic is incredible and it creates memories that last. Therefore everyone will remember the business at the trade show who had the magician. And they will remember what I said about your company during the mind bending magic presented. Promoting trade show exhibits is what I do, performing incredible magic is how I do it.

Promoting Trade Show Exhibits

At your next convention or Trade show bring the guests to your booth instead of waiting until they walk by. Attract an audience to you instead of just sitting at your booth until someone sees you. I can bring people to your booth like metal to a magnet with my incredible presentations. Once there I promote trade show exhibits. Performing incredible magic and talking about your business. As a result, your guests are entertained and educated. After the show, you’ll be amazed at the informative questions they ask.

Entertaining and educating, while promoting your buisness

My shows have three parts. First thing I do is perform a bit of visual magic to draw in a crowd. This may include large colourful effects, while speaking at a large volume to grab bystanders attention. As guests are walking by they notice, stop and start watching. That crowd attracts even more people that were not walking by. Before you know it, there is a large group watching. That’s when the real show begins. The second part is the interactive performance. The magic that amazes them, involves them and knocks their socks off. During this time my patter or speech involves your business. I speak of your businesses advantages over the competition, the differences and unique services you offer. A three shell game may involve finding the quality product (yours) while avoiding the inferior ones. A card effect may help demonstrate the magic of your company. This promoting trade show exhibits in a memorable and magical way. Therefore creating memories that last. The final aspect is sending the spectators into your booth to ask questions and learn more about your company.

Your company’s exhibit

I can attract potential prospects to your booth, but after my performance I step back and allow them to discover your business. Often a final effect involves the spectators going to your sales staff for the revelation. A card chosen by a spectator may be revealed to them by one of your team members. Therefore the ice has been broken and a conversation can begin. My performance are often at the top of every hour, or when a large group appears. My performance time is just as important as when I step back and allow your sales staff to take over. As a trade show magician, Promoting trade show exhibits is my business. Not promoting myself. As a result your business shines.

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Promoting trade show exhibits