Strolling magic at your trade show event

diamox do you need a prescription I am Corbin, the Trade show magician and I can provide incredible strolling magic at your trade show event. I have been performing all over North America for over 25 years. As a result my performances are practiced, skillful and very entertaining. With a charming personality and amazing magic your event guests will be enthralled. I provide a trade show attraction that is interactive and magical. Add a bit of magic to your trade show exhibits this year. Book Strolling Magic at your booth today.

A trade show attraction

How often have you sat in your trade show booth and watched as potential prospects walked past without even looking in? Is it really worth while to hand out cases of promotional products to trade show attendees who are more interested in filling their swag bags than your company? Hiring Corbin to perform Strolling magic at your conference is the perfect solution. Corbin stops the traffic passing your booth, entertains them and passes your companies message along. Often incorporating you companies products in his presentation. As a result your leads increase. Prescreening attendees and brining interested parties into your booth. Use your sales staff efficiently.

Prescreening Prospects to increase leads

As Corbin is performing his incredible strolling magic, he is also prescreening prospects at the trade show to increase your leads at the conference. Groups will stop to watch Corbin’s incredible magic. Therefore they will learn about your company in an entertaining way. Interested parties will enter the booth to talk to your sales staff. Use your sales staff efficiently, dealing only with those who could be potential prospects.

Trade show entertainment, Conference entertainment, Strolling magic

I have performed at almost every major trade show and conference center across North America. As a result I am very familiar with the challenges and layouts of most. The Las Vegas convention center is a favourite of mine, and I appear there on a regular basis. Therefore, I can travel to any conference center your trade show may be at. Toronto Ontario, the Chicago McCormick place and many others. My experience allows me the ability to help out if you are appearing at a new Conference. Strolling magic and conference entertainment with an experienced magician. As a result, this weekend I will be in Toronto Ontario at the international Boat show. This will be a lot of fun.

Availability is limited, Contact Corbin today 1-855-626-7246

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