Toronto Congress Centre show

I had a great time performing at the Toronto Congress centre show last week during the Together we care event. I was performing for Remedy’sRX specialty pharmacy. They were a great group to perform for and I was able to bring many people to their booth during the show to help increase awareness of their brand. My name is Corbin and I am the Trade show magician.

A custom show designed for my clients needs

Remedy’s RX is a specialty pharmacy and during our initial discussions we identified a need to promote the brand. Instead of selling a product, introducing a service or announcing a new location. As a result my presentations had to not only attract people, but inform them of the companies brand. Therefore during the months leading up to the event at the Toronto Congress Centre show I created magic with the brand in mind.

Magic that attracts a crowd

We were located in the Toronto Congress centre show in the middle of the floor. It was a great location with lots of flow through traffic. I presented a show of effects that started with flashy magic to draw in the crowd then magic that helped tell the story of Remedy RX. Great stuff that talked about the companies history, experience and locations. Magic that mattered and spread a message.

Magic that matters at Toronto Congress centre show

I performed rope magic effects that had a rope grow and grow. This allowed me to discuss how the company grew over the years to expand into Alberta, and British Colombia. As the rope grew the spectators grew and I had a crowd interested and listening. I brought out a deck of cards and had someone choose a card then place it back into the deck. The deck was shuffled and we found the card together. Remedy’sRX big saying this year was “Your Partner in Care” and this simple card trick allowed me to work with the spectator as my partner. All the while discussing how important it was for Remedy RX to be your partner in Care. Another magic trick with a message.

Many shows, lots of spectators

The Together we Care trade show at the Toronto Congress centre show lasted only a couple of days. However during those few days I was able to promote my clients company and pass along his messages to hundreds of spectators. As a result, in a couple weeks I’ll be working for Remedy RX again at the Toronto Sheriton Center.

Attract people to your booth like magic with the Trade show magician

I am Corbin the Trade show magician. I can perform magic at your event, not only with my incredible sleight of hand but by attracting more people to your booth then ever before. Contact me as soon as you can, because my availability is limited. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Corbin the Trade show magician 1-519-639-9813

Toronto Congress centre show

Toronto Congress centre show
Toronto Congress centre show

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