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lotensin uk A Trade Show Attraction that stops attendees in their tracks. Don’t let prospects walk past your booth! Corbin the Trade show attraction gets their attention, holds them in front of your exhibit and interacts with them until your sales staff is free to reel them in. Therefore you can bring in more people then ever before. This could be your most successful show ever!

A Trade Show Attraction that interacts with your prospects

I am Corbin The Trade show Magician. I become part of your team, interacting with groups of potential prospects before they walk away. You only have so many sales staff, who can only deal with one client at a time. I can entertain groups of potential prospects and hold them in place until your sales staff is free to discuss their questions one on one

Trade Show Rules and Tips

I have well over 20 years experience performing at Trade show magician all over North America. As a result I am very familiar with all the strict Trade show Rules and tips for performances. You can be assured that my performance will be fun, attract crowds and will not conflict with any of the Trade show rules in place.

I work off a small table inside the dimensions of your booth. Once I have a gathering of spectators, I quickly direct them inside your booth for a performance. Never blocking the aisle or causing a disruption to the neighbouring trade show exhibits. You could say ” I work well with others”

Everything supplied for a great attraction

I bring everything required for a great show. Therefore, nothing needs to be rented or prepared for my arrival. I always show up well ahead of time to set up. As a result, should challenges arise, we have plenty of time to take care of them. A professional performer and experience at every event.

Having Corbin the Trade show attraction at your event is a sure fire way of putting a smile on everyone’s face. You will attract crowds to your booth more than ever before. As a result this could be your best show ever. Increase your leads and get those clients.

Availability is very limited. Booking early is strongly recommended

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