Trade show presentations

minoxidil uk Trade show presentations that are dynamic, interactive and fun. Have your best trade show yet with a presentation that stops people in their tracks and keeps them at you exhibit booth. Corbin, the Trade show magician can keep your potential prospects entertained and involved with a trade show presentation that is amazing and engaging.

Trade Show Presentations customized for your company

Every trade show presentation is customized to be perfect for your specific trade show, your company and your booth. With enough lead time presentations can incorporate your companies product or special message. Wouldn’t it be great to only talk with clients who have been prepped with the basics so you can focus on the detailed questions? Corbin’s presentations will do that. Giving the spectators insight into your company before they speak with your sales staff. I have performed trade show presentations all over North America, most recently at Chicago McCormick place.

Corbin can draw a crowd, and prescreen them before they get to your sales staff

How much time is wasted at a trade show dealing with attendees that just want to fill their swag bags with your loot. How much of your sales staff is wasted dealing with people playing with your expensive V.R. attractions that have no plans to deal with your company? As a result you are loosing a lot of time and using a lot of effort with these non clients. Corbin the Trade show magician can fix that so that your trained staff can deal with the important Prospects

Prescreening prospects and improving sales staff efficiency

Corbin draws a crowd, at trade shows. His trade show presentations are a huge attraction. Many in the crowd may be potential prospects. As a result prescreening needs to be done. Corbin’s presentation can divide the prospects from the spectators. Therefore your sales staff will be more efficient.

Corbin the Trade show magician becomes a part of your team. His trade show presentations are not only magical and entertaining, they are educational and share your companies message and products. At the end of the show the crowd is divided and the interested parties go to your sales staff.

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